Stop landing in spam with ToastMail

ToastMail helps improve your email deliverability so they stop landing in Spam!

ToastMail Email Warming Dashboard

Landing in spam means lost customers

ToastMail keeps your inbox healthy, reaching prospects and make sales 

No Technical Skills Required

ToastMail is simple and easy to set up

AI-driven email warming

ToastMail Intelligently warms up your inboxes, ensuring maximum deliverability

Accurate Reputation Monitoring

Our dashboard lets you track your progress and your reputation score at-a-glance

Consistent spam checking

We constantly monitor your emails for spam reports, so your emails stay delivered

Keep your inbox healthy

ToastMail continuously generates positive signals for your email, making it more likely to be seen, opened, and replied to

Always-There Support

Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain inbox placement, and we have a full team dedicated to making that happen

Intuitive Dashboard

Our dashboard is simple and intuitive, so you know exactly how your emails are trending at any time

Easy and Efficient Setup

Start warming up your email in just minutes!

How Does It Work?

With ToastMail, your emails benefit from the activity of thousands of perfect leads, sending positive signals to email providers and their spam filters.

ToastMail interacts with thousands of inboxes

Our system automatically engages thousands of reputable inboxes, using your email address to start natural conversations. Our warm-up emails are carefully crafted to build trust, with no spammy content that could harm your reputation.

Generate leads with an improved reputation score

ToastMail generates positive signals by ensuring your warming emails are opened, positively replied to, marked as important, and removed from spam/other categories. This engagement is seen favorably by email providers, increasing your email reputation/deliverability. And keeping you out of spam.

Track your email
reputation and inbox rate

ToastMail’s dashboard is intuitive and allows you to effortlessly control and monitor your warming activity. Access valuable insights into daily email activity such as sent/received reports, positive interactions, and your sender reputation status.

Who's it for?

Email warming goes beyond ensuring email deliverability. It plays a critical role in lead generation, opening up opportunities for potential sales, new markets, and achieving business goals.


Maximize your product promotion by ensuring your emails land in inboxes instead of spam folders.


Connect with the right candidates without jeopardizing your sender reputation.

Lead Generation Specialists

To sell your products or services through cold email campaigns, it's vital to maintain a healthy sending inbox.

Sales Experts

To sell your products or services through cold email campaigns, it's vital to maintain a healthy sending inbox.

Compatible Technologies

ToastMail is a versatile email deliverability tool designed to be compatible with a wide range of technologies. This includes popular email providers such as Gmail, Sendinblue, Outlook, and GoDaddy and custom SMTP configurations.

Compatible technologies