The fastest and simplest way to improve your email deliverability

ToastMail’s all-in-one solution ensures your emails reach their inbox with confidence.

Email All-In-One

If your emails can’t reach your prospects, then you’re losing potential customers.
ToastMail helps you to unlock your company’s growth.

ToastMail Email Warming Dashboard
  • Intuitive Dashboard Analytics
    email scores, and more on your dashboard

  • AI-driven email warming
    AI maximizes your email warming quickly

  • Simple Set-up
    Setup in minutes

  • Keep existing emails warm
    Keep existing emails out of spam too!

  • Warm multiple emails simultaneously
    Warm up singly or group by team, always be prepared

  • Advanced reporting/Analytics
    See how your emails are doing by day, month, or year

  • Reputation Score tracking
    Track your reputation score in your dashboard

  • Advanced spam tracking
    Cancel spam on demand with our advanced spam tracking

  • Always-there support
    Our support is available to help keep you online & sending


ToastMail has made it easier for you to manage your emails and organize them into teams.
You can also activate and deactivate the warming on demand.

  • Sign up

    Create an account

    Sign up for an account at, it’s easy!

  • Setup Teams

    Organize your teams

    How do you want to organize your emails - by group, sales target, or domain? Set up your teams to organize as you best see fit.

  • Warm emails

    Attach emails and providers

    Choose your email provider and connect your email address. Within minutes your email will be up and warming with ToastMail.

Who's it for?

Email warming goes beyond ensuring email deliverability. It plays a critical role in lead generation, opening up opportunities for potential sales, new markets, and achieving business goals.


Maximize your product promotion by ensuring your emails land in inboxes instead of spam folders.


Connect with the right candidates without jeopardizing your sender reputation.

Lead Generation Specialists

To sell your products or services through cold email campaigns, it's vital to maintain a healthy sending inbox.

Sales Experts

To sell your products or services through cold email campaigns, it's vital to maintain a healthy sending inbox.

Compatible Technologies

ToastMail is a versatile email deliverability tool designed to be compatible with a wide range of technologies. This includes popular email providers such as Gmail, Sendinblue, Outlook, and GoDaddy and custom SMTP configurations.

Compatible technologies