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ToastMail Email Warming Dashboard

How Does It Work

ToastMail interacts with thousands of inboxes to automatically “warm up” your email, creating a solid reputation score that Google and Outlook (among others) will trust - keeping your emails out of SPAM!

Why should
you use ToastMail?

  • 01

    Just launched a new company

  • 02

    Growing an existing company into new products/verticals

  • 03

    Already used email warming and know its benefits

Always Remember...

  • Don’t let your email go straight to SPAM

    Whether you have a brand new email domain or a sales team sending out hundreds of emails a day, your emails going straight to SPAM can destroy your business. Email warming builds a solid reputation score for your emails, so email providers like Google and Outlook let them through.

  • Keep your emails out  SPAM, even AFTER it's warm

    Even a warmed email can be marked as SPAM by a prospect - too many of these can ruin your entire domain! That’s why email warming can KEEP your reputation score healthy, by constantly flagging your emails as good, to counteract any bad actors amongst your prospects list

  • Emails still going to  SPAM, so what happens now?

    If you're experiencing issues with emails consistently being flagged as spam, one effective solution to improve deliverability and achieve successful email sending is by utilizing ToastMail's email warming technology.

Who would use ToastMail?

Anyone in your company! If you have a brand new domain, then surely your CEO does not want their emails to his investors going to SPAM. If you are sending out messages to sales prospects, you don’t want them flagging your messages as SPAM, thereby tanking the reputation score of your entire domain (and your company’s emails). ToastMail is perfect for:

The Ultimate Guide to Email Warming with ToastMail

In today's digital age, ensuring your emails land in the right place is more critical than ever. Whether you're a budding business stepping into the digital arena or an established brand looking to refine your email outreach, understanding email warming is crucial. Our comprehensive guide dives deep into:

The Ultimate Guide to Email Warming with ToastMail

The Mechanics of Email Deliverability

What makes an email land in the primary folder, promotions, or the dreaded spam?

Importance of Email Reputation

How does your domain reputation impact your business communications?

ToastMail Advantage

Discover how our AI-powered system can boost your email's chances of being seen and engaged with.

Read “The Ultimate Guide to Email Warming with ToastMail

To equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to supercharge your email deliverability. It's time to toast your way to inbox success!